Realistic Expectations For Conversion Rate Optimization

Posted on Aug 01 Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 8:57 am 252
Realistic Expectations For Conversion Rate Optimization

Customers say the darnedest things!

What can you say when the owner of a company that had a 4.12% conversion rate improves it by 17% to 4.82%  in less than a quarter and says “we’re sort of disappointed“?

Even when clients can’t commit very much budget or resources to execute our optimization recommendations they may still have very high expectations.

What Are Realistic Expectations For Conversion Rate Optimization?

Sales people will dance around this issue but I won’t. It depends on you!

I have never seen a website where with the right amount of time, energy and resources you couldn’t get at least a 30% improvement in conversion, but 10% is a slam dunk even without our advice.

Time, energy and resources!?!

If you are willing to commit yourself, with or without expert advice, you can consistently improve your conversion rates. We hear virtually every day about people who read one of our books and publications and went on to make huge improvements to their business. They make us as happy as client successes do.

Nevertheless, if you are focused only on 100% improvements or better it’s hard to celebrate a 10% gain. How sad.

You need to walk before you can crawl. For every huge success we have there are dozens of other happy stories. That’s why I asked Bryan to give me a list of successes he collected recently from our analysts.

I want to celebrate these successes:

  • Increased client’s overall website conversion rate 10.5%, resulting in $250,000 additional revenue annually.
  • Optimized a checkout page to increase conversion rate by 6.25%, leading to $150,000 additional revenue annually.
  • Increased overall conversion by 27.5% with an A/B test on the product page.
  • Doubled the number of sales with a Shop with Confidence assurance test.
  • Achieved an 8% lift in sales from redesigned product page.
  • Increased overall conversion rate by 51.49% over a 3 month program.
  • Redesigned homepage and category pages to increase overall sales by 6%.
  • Helped client realize a 108% increase in sign-ups for an e-course.
  • Making one change to the flow of a client’s checkout process increased shopping cart conversion by 6.5% leading to an estimated increase of $55,000 monthly revenue.
  • As a by-product of our conversion recommendations increased organic traffic visits by 19.91%.
  • Improved conversion on a client site by 24% simply by changing product page layout.
  • Increased a client’s funnel conversion rate by 24.40%.
  • Increased visitor registrations by 12.5% by recommending changes to landing pages and the flow of the sign-up form.
  • Increased overall website sales conversion rate from 3% to 7%, that is 133%, over a quarter long engagement for an online jewelry retailer.

Every one of these stories is worth celebrating. I praise our clients for the hard work they’ve done. I want to praise them for their commitment. I want to encourage them and you to continue improving your website and campaigns.

Stop Wishing and Start Doing!

If you get a 10% improvement and add 10% to that and then 10% on top of that you’re well on your way to 100%. Make up your mind and get started. Devote the right amount of time, energy and resources. You’ll learn a lot on the journey and the destination is so worth it.

I hope that helps.